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All videos tagged: Artist Interview

COMMUNITY: Lucy Sparrow REALLY Likes Felt

New York Magazine

LONGFORM: Ed Ruscha Interview: A Long Way from Oklahoma

Louisiana Channel

MARKET: Michael Rakowitz on Rebuilding Nimrud

Art Basel

LONGFORM: Marcel Duchamp Interview on Art and Dada (1956)

Manufacturing Intellect

STUDIOS: Meet Tom Sachs on His Way to Europa


COMMUNITY: Jim Campbell’s ‘Day for Night’ launches

Hosfelt Gallery

STUDIOS: Studio Drift Isn’t Afraid to Ask Really Big Questions


VAULT: Interview with Duane Hanson (1981)

Wolfson Archives

STUDIOS: Joel Meyerowitz’s studio is everywhere

Los Angeles Review of Books

STUDIOS: SVA Features – Kenny Scharf

School of Visual Arts

GALLERIES: Doug Aitken: The Conditions We Live Under

Louisiana Channel

STUDIOS: Frieze New York 2018 Previews: Mira Schor

Frieze Art Fair