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All videos tagged: Activism

LONGFORM: Simone Leigh on the Legacy of Black Nurses

Creative Time

COMMUNITY: Siah Armajani Builds Neighborhoods

Public Art Fund

MUSEUMS: The Guerrilla Girls Are Still Questioning


COMMUNITY: Xaviera Simmons in Conversation with Maria Brito


COMMUNITY: Faith Ringgold Is Not Waiting Around


COMMUNITY: Interview with Dawoud Bey

National Gallery of Art

COMMUNITY: Kara Walker & Jason Moran Talk ‘Katastwóf Karavan’


LONGFORM: Kader Attia Wants to Change the World

Bloomberg – Brilliant Ideas

MUSEUMS: ‘Soul of a Nation’ Comes Home to Brooklyn

Brooklyn Museum

COMMUNITY: Agnes Gund’s Art for Justice

The Getty

LONGFORM: Shaun Leonardo’s ‘Primitive Games’ as Social Practice

Guggenheim Museum

COMMUNITY: New York LGBTQ Memorial by Anthony Goicolea

Bower Blue

MUSEUMS: Guadalupe Maravilla’s ‘Requiem For My Border Crossing’

Whitney Museum of American Art

COMMUNITY: The Evolution of the Heidelberg Project

The Heidelberg Project

STUDIOS: Travis Somerville on Confederate Monuments

Joan Mitchell Foundation

COMMUNITY: Support Detroit’s Murals in the Market

Murals in the Market

COMMUNITY: Chinatown Art Brigade, Here To Stay

A Blade of Grass

VAULT: Glenn Ligon’s Exploration of American History

Whitney Museum of American Art

COMMUNITY: Jenny Holzer on Her Difficult Relationship to Writing


STUDIOS: Musa Mayer talks about Guston’s Nixon Drawings

ZCZ Films

COMMUNITY: Ryan Trecartin on Gender as a Fluid Construct

The Louisiana Channel

STUDIOS: Swoon’s Konbit Shelter – Art in the Streets

The Museum of Contemporary Art Los Angeles

COMMUNITY: Formerly imprisoned artists push for criminal justice reforms

PBS NewsHour

COMMUNITY: Bring Down The Walls

Creative Time

COMMUNITY: Amy Yao on The Politics of Waste

Swiss Institute

COMMUNITY: How Can Images Tell the Story of Mass Incarceration?

Aperture Foundation

MARKET: Hadi Eldebek – Why Must Artists be Poor?


VAULT: Guerrilla Girls 30th Birthday Exhibition Introduction

Guerilla Girls

COMMUNITY: Tania Bruguera: “Immigrant Movement International”


LONGFORM: Art + Feminism: Careful with Each Other, Dangerous Together

The Museum of Modern Art

LONGFORM: Art as Activism – The Role of the Feminist Artist Today


COMMUNITY: A Monument to Maggie

Americans for the Arts

LONGFORM: Thelma Golden – How art gives shape to cultural change


COMMUNITY: William Pope.L: Trinket

MoCA Los Angeles

COMMUNITY: Hannah Starkey – ‘This is an Important Moment for Women’ | TateShots


COMMUNITY: A Blade of Grass’ Fieldworks 2017 Season Trailer

A Blade of Grass

COMMUNITY: Public Art Fund at 40: Our Story

Public Art Fund

COMMUNITY: Ann Hamilton’s “Fly Together” for Creative Time’s Pledges of Allegiance

Creative Time