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All videos tagged: Video of the Day

MUSEUMS: Radical Gestures of Painting Color

Whitney Museum of American Art

VAULT: A Poem for Joan Miró (1955/1956)

Museum of Modern Art

LONGFORM: Are Art Fairs Unfair?

Talking Galleries

MARKET: Jeremy Couillard Collaborates with Code


COMMUNITY: Huma Bhabha Builds Monuments

ICA Boston

STUDIOS: Taeyoon Choi Builds a Personal Internet

Pioneer Works

GALLERIES: Brian Maguire Paints in Solidarity

Alice Black

MUSEUMS: The Costume Institute Gets Campy

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

LONGFORM: Bill Viola Discovers What’s Under the Surface

Louisiana Channel

MARKET: Frank Stella Has the Touch


COMMUNITY: Matthew Porter is a Romantic

Aperture Foundation

STUDIOS: Richard Billingham On Stopped Time


GALLERIES: Förg & Lethbridge Channel Dylan

Contemporary Fine Arts, Berlin

MUSEUMS: The Revolutionary Portraiture of Moroni

The Frick Collection

VAULT: Agnès Varda on ‘The Beaches of Agnès’ (2010)


LONGFORM: Simone Leigh on the Legacy of Black Nurses

Creative Time

MARKET: Najla El Zein In Transition

Friedman Benda

COMMUNITY: Siah Armajani Builds Neighborhoods

Public Art Fund

STUDIOS: Alec Soth Navigates the World

Institut für Kunstdokumentation

GALLERIES: Schachter & Mesler Take Their Show on the Road

Rental Gallery / Cultural Counsel

MUSEUMS: Wait, Is That a Garden Hose?

Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco

VAULT: Vintage Elizabeth Murray

Paul Tschinkel - ART/new york

LONGFORM: Isa Genzken Is It

Museum of Modern Art

MARKET: Art Basel Hong Kong and the Asia Art Archive

Art Basel

COMMUNITY: The Nature of Lynda Benglis


STUDIOS: Cecilia Vicuña and an Ancient Language of Textiles

Brooklyn Museum

GALLERIES: Chemould Prescott Road Gives Indian Artists a Voice

Art Basel

MUSEUMS: The National Gallery Faces the Gender Gap

The National Gallery, London

VAULT: Agnes Martin on Ideas Versus Inspiration (1997)

Chuck Smith

LONGFORM: Women Artists and Postwar Abstraction

Museum of Modern Art

MARKET: TEFAF Maastricht Entrance Behind-the-Scenes


COMMUNITY: #5WomenArtists with The Art Assignment

The Art Assignment

STUDIOS: Vija Celmins Paintings Are Their Own Reality

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

GALLERIES: All Eyes Are on Carol Rama

Lévy Gorvy

VAULT: Laurie Anderson Tries to Be Innocent (1984 & 1999)

Paul Tschinkel - ART/new york

LONGFORM: Roberta Smith on Painter Elizabeth Murray

Anderson Collection at Stanford University

MARKET: Cristina De Middel Changes the World

Paris Photo

COMMUNITY: Dorothea Tanning Inhabits the Night

ZCZ Films

STUDIOS: How Carolee Schneemann Drew Inspiration


GALLERIES: Chang Tsong Zung Counters a Proposition

Art Basel

MUSEUMS: Andy Warhol Was Out Against the Grain

Whitney Museum of American Art

VAULT: GalleryBeat TV Pollutes Our Minds

GalleryBeat TV

LONGFORM: Jerry Saltz on the Good, the Bad and the Very Bad

Kent Presents

MARKET: Carolee Schneemann (RIP) 2012 Documentary

Marielle Nitoslawska

COMMUNITY: Xaviera Simmons in Conversation with Maria Brito


STUDIOS: Leo Villareal Explores Light’s Primal Effects

MIT List Visual Arts Center

GALLERIES: Jessica Stockholder Work Does Not Stand on Its Own

Kavi Gupta

MUSEUMS: Judy Chicago Is out of Step

Institute of Contemporary Art, Miami

VAULT: Hans Haacke Fends off Encroachment (1986)

Illuminations Media

LONGFORM: Lyle Ashton Harris on Andy Warhol

Dia Art Foundation

MARKET: Shantell Martin Encourages Mistakes

Adobe Magazine

COMMUNITY: Faith Ringgold Is Not Waiting Around


STUDIOS: Betye Saar Has Stories to Tell

Los Angeles Times

GALLERIES: Miroslaw Balka Builds Walls

White Cube

MUSEUMS: Nari Ward is Full of Grace

The Vilcek Foundation

VAULT: Theaster Gates Hosts a Feast (2012)

Smart Museum of Art

LONGFORM: Thelma Golden Pries Open Exhibition–Making

CUNY TV Black America

MARKET: Visionary Artists Drive the Studio Museum


COMMUNITY: Fred Wilson Collects “Degradaria” to Understand It

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

STUDIOS: Amy Sherald Paints with a New Heart

Shine Creative

GALLERIES: New Approaches in Mexican Abstraction from Casa Wabi


MUSEUMS: Ebony G. Patterson Draws You In

Pérez Art Museum Miami

VAULT: Ken Price Found the Highway to the Unconscious (2005)

Matthew Marks Gallery

LONGFORM: Robert Ryman (1930–2019) Made it Look Easy


MARKET: Surreal Dreams of the “Black Renaissance”

UTA Artist Space

COMMUNITY: Paul Mpagi Sepuya on Lorna Simpson

Los Angeles County Museum of Art

STUDIOS: Allen Ruppersberg’s Studio is a Copy Machine

Walker Art Center

GALLERIES: Norbert Schwontkowski Relates to Us

Contemporary Fine Arts, Berlin

MUSEUMS: Ai Weiwei Takes on Los Angeles

Marciano Art Foundation

VAULT: Responding to Jacob Lawrence’s ‘Migration Series’

PBS Newshour

LONGFORM: Mark Bradford Makes Space

Bloomberg Brilliant Ideas

MARKET: Objects Tell the Story of Frida Kahlo


COMMUNITY: Emily and Mitchell Rales Channel Art and Nature at Glenstone

CBS Sunday Morning

STUDIOS: For Gajin Fujita the Street and the Studio Combine

Frieze Art Fairs

MUSEUMS: Trenton Doyle Hancock Brings the Moundverse


VAULT: Jonas Mekas Reflects on a Happy Life (1922–2019)


MARKET: Renzo Piano Never Stops Going


COMMUNITY: Mike Kelley is a Good Boy


STUDIOS: Can Lisa Anne Auerbach Divine the Future of Art?

Whitney Museum of American Art

GALLERIES: Luchita Hurtado Speaks for the Trees

Hauser & Wirth

MUSEUMS: Girault de Prangey’s Monumental Journey

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

VAULT: The Soul of Rotraut in Yves Klein’s Paintings

Louisiana Channel

LONGFORM: The Sea Ranch Occupies the Cliff

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

MARKET: Bruce Nauman is a True Artist


COMMUNITY: ‘Never Look Away’ Nominated for Academy Award

Sony Pictures Classics

STUDIOS: Amy Myers Gives Form to the Unseen Universe

Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts

GALLERIES: Ari Marcopoulos and Jason Moran Take it to the Street

Fergus McCaffrey

MUSEUMS: Laurie Simmons Doesn’t Tell the Truth

Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth

VAULT: Cindy Sherman Doesn’t Want to be Recognized (1986)

Illuminations Media

LONGFORM: Jack Whitten – An Artist’s Life


MARKET: Colliding Contexts With Cameron Welch


COMMUNITY: ‘The Night Watch’ Belongs to All of Us


STUDIOS: Lynette Yiadom-Boakye’s Paintings Find Their Own Way


GALLERIES: Anthony McCall’s Dance with Light

Sean Kelly Gallery

MUSEUMS: Rob Wynne Picks Things Up Along the Way

Brooklyn Museum

VAULT: Gordon Parks Goes to Washington in 1942 (2001)

National Visionary Leadership Project

LONGFORM: The Ghost of Rachel Whiteread’s ‘House’ (1993)


MARKET: Visiting Designtex Artist Collaborators


COMMUNITY: Interview with Dawoud Bey

National Gallery of Art

STUDIOS: Charline von Heyl Wants to be Seen

Deichtorhallen Hamburg

GALLERIES: George Condo Visits ‘Bacon’s Women’


MUSEUMS: Bill Traylor Tells the Story

Breakaway Films

VAULT: Sister Wendy Checks in on the Colonies (1996)


LONGFORM: Rafael Lozano–Hemmer’s Shutdown Heartbeats

Hirshhorn Museum

MARKET: Collector Pedro Barbosa Prices the Immaterial

Art Basel

COMMUNITY: Jerry Saltz Takes Van Gogh to the People

New York

STUDIOS: Robert Smithson from New Jersey and Back Again

State of the Arts

MUSEUMS: Cai Guo-Qiang’s Fireworks Extravaganza

Tang Hua Fireworks Company

MUSEUMS: Jane Dickson’s New Year’s Revelers

Jane Dickson

MUSEUMS: Music and a Drink with Manet – For a Happy Holiday Season

The National Gallery, London

VAULT: Conserving Nam June Paik’s ‘Fin de Siècle II,’ 1989

Whitney Museum of American Art

LONGFORM: Larry Bell Works in a Vacuum

Eric Minh Swenson

MARKET: The Cézanne that was Held Hostage


COMMUNITY: How to Be Seen — Be Hito Steyerl


STUDIOS: Helen Pashgian Erases Physicalities

Getty Conservation Institute

GALLERIES: Sadamasa Motonaga’s Thoughts on New York

Fergus McCaffrey

MUSEUMS: Richard Wilson Makes It Bigger on the Inside

Hayward Gallery

VAULT: Take a Drive with Ed Ruscha (in a 2000 Lexus)


LONGFORM: Betty Tompkins Makes You Look


MARKET: Andy Warhol Was a Business, Man

The Art Assignment

COMMUNITY: Trevor Paglen in Space!

Nevada Museum of Art

STUDIOS: Tavares Strachan Shows Da Vinci How It’s Done

Allen Institute

GALLERIES: Alexander Calder Creates Energy in Edges

Hauser & Wirth

MUSEUMS: Harry Belafonte on Charles White

Museum of Modern Art

VAULT: Judy Chicago Has Been Reckoning All Along (2010)

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

LONGFORM: Blockchain and the Art World Panel Discussion

Art Basel

MARKET: Sarah Morris’ Monumental Abstractions

South Florida PBS

COMMUNITY: Tomás Saraceno Dreams About Flying Cities

The Creators Project

STUDIOS: Felice Grodin Engages With the Environment

Pérez Art Museum Miami

GALLERIES: Romare Bearden Feels the Vibrations of the Harlem Renaissance

DC Moore Gallery

MUSEUMS: Deep Thoughts With Paola Pivi’s Bears


VAULT: Clyfford Still Makes an Impact (2011)

Clyfford Still Museum

LONGFORM: The Graffiti Godfathers of Miami


MARKET: Andy Warhol Saw It Coming


COMMUNITY: Roz Chast And Her Rejects

School of Visual Arts

STUDIOS: Cecily Brown Doesn’t Care for Phones

Louisiana Channel

GALLERIES: Luca Pancrazzi Contemplates the Beginning of Time

TOTAH Gallery

MUSEUMS: Barbara Kruger Keeps Questioning, 30 Year Later

The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles

GALLERIES: Legendary Gallerist Paula Cooper Sticks to the Fundamentals

Art Basel

MUSEUMS: Manuel Solano Makes Art About Themselves

Institute of Contemporary Art, Miami